A Merry Microlite74 Christmas

Or actually, it will not be, my Microlite74 Wilderlands campaign is suspended for two weeks for the holidays. I hope my players and this blog’s readers have a very Merry Christmas.

This blog hasn’t been very active the last couple of months as real life has been keeping me far too busy. Good news, however, Donna had her (now annual) CT scan in November and no signs of her cancer were found. It’s been three and a half years since she finished her radiation treatments so this is good news. Christmas donations to the Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund are welcome as this added another $2000 to the cancer bills. Gaming (and work on Microlite74 to a lesser extent) has continued even though the blog has been dead. Here’s a brief summary to bring everyone up to date.

Campaign News: The party was sucked through a gate in the megadungeon below their manor in an early November session. They found themselves in outside of a very large strange city. This turned out to be Jakalla in Tekumel (the world of M.A.R. Barker’s Empire of the Petal Throne). They had metal armor and metal weapons in a very metal poor world so they quickly got far more attention than they wanted. Fortunately the Omnipotent Azure Legion managed to rescue them from the clutches of the various temples — they were captives of three different temples during their first day. The Omnipotent Azure Legion quickly hustled them to Bey Su — a trip that showed them just how alien a world they were in. Once in Bey Su, they quickly agreed to a deal whereby they would give the government their metal items in exchange for help in finding a way home.

They spend the rest of November and December traveling across the empire and deep into an underworld to find a gate that a scholar believed might be able to send them home. After numerous strange adventures and several misunderstandings, the reached this gate and managed to get it to work. The scholar that had traveled with them set the gate to what he hopes should send them home and they stepped through — only to find themselves at the North Pole just as the Polar Express arrived. It’s traditional in my campaigns that Santa Claus shows up the last session before Christmas, this year they went to Santa instead. Santa then sent them on home, after a special gift or two, of course.

Microlite74 News: I haven’t had much time to work on Microlite74 since the release of version 3. However, I have been following A Pack of Gnolls blog with much interest. The author has been reporting on using Microlite74 Extended (and modified) to run games for children, including using M74 to run the 4e adventure Keep on the Shadowfell. Everyone seems to be having a great time with it. Reading posts like these makes all the work creating M74 very worthwhile.

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3 Responses

  1. ADD Grognard says:

    Good to hear from you and that the home front is improving.

    Most of my last full Saturday Wrap covered various M74 posts:


    Glad to see people picking up on this.

    I have been trying to reach you via email, but seem unable to locate your address. There is something I think that needs brought to your attention. I'm easy to find so email me when you get a moment. It is somewhat important.

    Hope the holidays are treating you kindly and you and yours are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Randall says:

    ADD Grognard: I just sent you an email. Sorry you are having trouble getting an email to me.

  3. Sully says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. The game with the kids is continuing apace. I'll soon have a post up on how the Keep on the Shadowfell wrapped up and where things are headed from there. The kids, and my father-in-law, are having a great time of it, as am I. Thanks for putting this great system out there for us to use. And Merry Christmas!