Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Edition Beta 1 Available

The first beta version of Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery is available for free public download. Draft copies of “between betas” work will still be available to RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors. This beta incorporates feedback from donors and from members of my Sunday group of players. However, the rules are still “very beta” and will be subject to many changes based on further thought on my part and feedback from those who download the betas and choose to give me comments and ideas.

One already noticeable change is in the classes. The Physical Combat Bonus (PCB) and Magical Combat Bonus (MCB) in the beta rules are smaller than the were in my A First try at Classes post. Higher level characters were just too superhuman in the original draft. Spirits have been added and Sorcerers have the ability to bind them. I am considering having spirits bound to items as the main source of magic items in the game. One think I haven’t changed much is the monster list. At the moment it is taken directly from Microlite74. However, I am considering making some changes, removing elves, dwarfs, and other intelligent species that don’t really fit a S&S campaign and adding more large normal animals like lions and tigers. Suggestions on handling the monster list are strongly invited. Heck, suggestions on anything and everything are welcome.

Download your copy of Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Beta 1 from the Mediafire link below. It’s 370K PDF file.

Download Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Beta 1

The Leap Month Cancer Fund Drive is on (through the end of February 2012). Every $10 donated gives you one chance to win a one of five items described in the above-linked post: Daystar West Media edition of Pharaoh (1980)(won by Nelson Davis), FEZ 1 (the 1982 Valley of Trees version), the Quest for the Fazzlewood from Metro Detroit Gamers, Empire of the Petal Throne boxed set, and a set of all of the issues of The Strategic Review and the first ten issues of Dragon Magazine. Multiple drawings will be held as described in the above linked post. This is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetrpoRoleplaying Cancer Fund. To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and possibly the above mentioned items), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. Thank you!

As of the time of this post $1175 dollars have been donated. That’s 39% of our goal and over 78% of the way to the second drawing trigger point of $1500 dollars.

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2 Responses

  1. Khayman says:

    Looks good so far. I look forward to tinkering with this and seeing how it works.

    (1) Maybe a method to store sacrificial HP? Serial killers keep trophies from their victims; why not evil sorcerers? Essentially a battery. Less efficient than a fresh sacrifice, perhaps losing 50% HP.

    (2) A simple mechanic with which I experimented was having Aligned spells (like your dark/grey/light). I was using the Allegiances system from d20 Modern and ported it into M20. Some spells I gave an allegiance; if the caster shared it, OK; if they didn't, the HP cost was higher; and if they had an opposing allegiance they couldn't cast it (though they could still learn it for identification and counterspell purposes).

    Really like what you've been doing!
    – Dave (a.k.a. Khayman)

  2. Khayman says:

    Ah, I see that you already worked in the spellcasting HP reservoir under the spirit binding. Nice. Helps if I read… 🙂