Earty Issues of The Strategic Review and The Dragon Magazine are Full Of Old School Goodness (And You Could Win a Set!)

The next item up for giveaway as part of Leap Month Cancer Fund Drive is a set of the seven issues of The Strategic Review and the first ten issues of The Dragon magazine. These early issues of from TSR have a lot of early D&D and EPT material in them, often by Gygax, Arneson, or Barker. Some of the articles on character classes in The Strategic Review are actually referenced as official classes in some of the OD&D supplements (e.g, Rangers and Illusionists), some classic D&D monsters make their first appearances (e.g. the roper, the Clay Golem, the Trapper, etc.), one of the only descriptions of how to use the Chainmail combat system for D&D is in TSR#2. A great set of human monsters, witches, are published in The Dragon #5. Swords and Sorcery style fiction appears in The Dragon, some clearly D&D. The first in magazine boardgame, Snit Smashing, was published in The Dragon #10. Lots of information on Empire of the Petal Throne appeared in these issues, most written by Barker himself. The Dragon #4 was a special EPT issue. Metamorphosis Alpha material by Jim Ward (and Gary Gygax). The first appearances of Wormy and Fineous Fingers. And lots more.

These 17 issues covered about three years and show the early development of D&D and the roleplaying hobby. If you are an old school fan, you’d find these publications a great addition to your store of early D&D material. Here’s a cover shot and a list of the contents of each issue.

The Strategic Review #1

TSR News
What’s Going on Here?
The Armory
Creature Feature: The Mind Flayer
Wargaming World
Solo Dungeon Adventures
Castle & Crusade: The Spear in Man-to-Man Combat

The Strategic Review #2

TSR: Why We Do What We Do
Cavaliers and Roundheads Rules Additions
Wargaming World
Questions Most Frequently Asked about Dungeons & Dragons Rules
Creature Feature: The Roper
Castle & Crusade: Medieval Pole Arms
TSR News
Panzer Warfare: Additional Unit Organizations

The Strategic Review #3

TSR News
What’s Going on Here?
Creature Features
Monster Reference Table Addition: Hostile & Benign Creatures
The Battle of the Ebro River in 5mm Napoleonics
Gallery of Gunfighters, Part I: The Art of Gunfighting
Wargaming World
Mapping the Dungeons
Desert Cities of Mars

The Strategic Review #4

Mapping the Dungeons
TSR News & Editorial
Castle & Crusade: A Few More Words on Medieval Pole Arms
Panzer Warfare: Additional Unit Organizations
The Armory: Tactical Weapon/Vehicle Gun Changes
Wargaming World
Tsolyani Names without Tears
Mighty Magic Miscellany: Ioun Stones
Creature Feature: The Clay Golem
Gallery of Gunfighters: Part II: John “Doc” Holliday (a/k/a Tom McKey)

The Strategic Review #5

In the Cauldron
Sturmgeschutz and Sorcery, or How Effective is a Panzerfaust Against a Troll, Heinz?
Mighty Magic Miscellany
Wargaming World
The Battle of the Nile Refought
Modern Weapons Data for TRACTICS
Gallery of Gunfighters: Ben Thompson
Creature Feature: Rakshasa
Creature Feature: The Slithering Tracker
Creature Feature: The Trapper
What is the National Wargame Convention

The Strategic Review #6

In The Cauldron
The Meaning of Law and Chaos in Dungeons & Dragons
The Quest For The Vermillion Volume (Fiction by Robert Kuntz)
War of Wizards Update
War of Wizards Solitare
Statistics Regarding Classes: (Additions) – Bards
Boot Hill Experimental Rule
Sage Advice

The Strategic Review #7

In The Cauldron
The Dungeons & Dragons Magic System
The Fastest Guns That Never Lived
What Price Gold and Glory? (Fiction by Jim Hayes)
Hints for D&D Judges
Mighty Magic Miscellany
Discover The Dungeon in Lake Geneva
Creature Feature: Catoblepas
Creature Feature: The Denebian Slime Devil
Ancient and Medieval Standard Military Symbols
The Missile Weapon in Classic Warfare
Thief Bonuses for Dexterity
To the Everlasting Glory of the Petal Throne
D&D Is Only as Good as the DM

The Dragon #1

Dragon Rumbles
Fafhrd & The Mouser Say Their Say (Fiction by Fritz Leiber)
In The Cauldron
How To Use Non-Prime-Requisite Character Attributes
Magic And Science
Languages or, Could you repeat that in Auld Wormish?
The Search for the Forbidden Chamber (Fiction by Jake Jaquet)
Creature Feature: The Bulette (a.k.a. Landshark)
Hints for D&D Judges
Mighty Magic Miscellany: Illusionist Expansion
Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age Additions
The Gnome Cache (Fiction)

The Dragon #2

Dragon Rumbles
Monkish Combat in the Arena of Promotion
The Gnome Cache (Fiction)
Search For The Forbidden Chamber (Fiction by Jake Jaquet)
Hints for D&D Judges
Shadow Of A Demon Fiction by Gardner F. Fox
The Feathered Serpent
Creature Feature: The Remorhaz
A New D&D Character Class: The Alchemist
D&D Option: Weapon Damage

The Dragon #3

Dragon Rumbles
War of the Empires
Women & Magic ? Ladies in D&D
Gnome Cache (Fiction)
Birth Tables for D&D
Wargaming World
Mapping the Dungeons
Plethora of Obscure Sub-Classes (Healers, Scribes, Samurai
A New View of Dwarves
Two Penultimate Sub-Classes (Humor: Idiot & Jester Classes)
Strategist?s Club Awards for ?75

The Dragon #4

Dragon Rumbles
Reports Submitted to the Petal Throne
Jakalla Encounters
Notes on the Androids on the Starship Warden
The Battle of the Temple of Chanis: 2020 A.S.
Creature Feature: The Mihalli & The Vriyagga
Roads from Jakalla (Fiction by Jerry Westergaard)
Wargaming World
Fineous Fingers: Minus Fred and Charly
EPT “Eye” Matrix
The Temple of Vimúhla

The Dragon #5

Dragon Rumbles
Witchcraft Supplement for Dungeons & Dragons
Some Ideas Missed in Metamorphosis Alpha
Tribal Society and Hierarchy on Board the Starship Warden
Featured Creatures: The Ankheg
How Green Was My Mutant
Beyond the Wizarding Fog(Fiction by Gardner F. Fox)
Wizard Research Rules
Gandalf Was Only a Fifth Level Magic-User
The Gnome Cache (Fiction)

The Dragon #6

Dragon Rumbles
An Alternate Beginnng Sequence For Metamorphosis: Alpha
Sea Trade In D&D Campaigns
Legions of the Petal Throne Painting Guide
The Forest of Flame (Fiction by Morno)
Further Rules, Modifications and Clarifications for Metamorphosis Alpha
Gnome Cache (Fiction) —
D&D Option: Determination of Psionic Abilities
Morale in D&D
The Quickly Ending Adventures of Fineous Fingers And the Return of Fred & Charly
Creature Feature: Death Angel

The Dragon #7

Dragon Rumbles
What to Do When the Dog Eats Your Dice, or Some Other Calamity Befalls You Twenty Minutes Before the Game Club Gets to Your Place
Gary Gygax on Dungeons and Dragons
Mystery Hill – America’s Stonehenge?
The Journey Most Alone (Fiction by Morno)
Military Formations of the Nations of the Universe
Beginning of a New Adventure for Fineous Fingers, or One Day in the Marketplace
Creature Feature: The Prowler
Gnome Cache (Fiction)

The Dragon #8

Dragon Rumbles Editorial
Planes: The Concepts of Spacial, Temporal, and Physical Relationships in D&D
The Development of Towns in D&D
The Finzer Family – A Tale of Modern Magic (Fiction by Harry O. Fischer)
Introduction to: Gamma World
A Re-Evaluation of Gems and Jewelry in D&D
So, You Want Realism in D&D?
From the Fantasy Forge
Still More Additions to MA

The Dragon #9

Dragon RumblesVaried Player Character and Non-Player Character Alignment in the Dungeons and Dragons Campaign
The Finzer Family – A Tale of Modern Magic (Fiction by Harry O. Fischer)
Fantasy Forge
Seal of the Imperium
The Fastest Guns That Never Lived
Tombs & Crypts
Fineous Fingers

The Dragon #10

Dragon Rumbles Editorial
Too Much Loot in Your Campaign? D&D Option: Orgies, Inc.
GenCon X, 18 – 21 August 1977, Final Report
Design Forum: Designing for Unique Wilderness Encounters
Random Monsters
Design Forum: Let There Be a Method to Your Madness
Snit Smashing (Complete Boardgame)
Weights and Measures, Physical Appearances, and Why Males are Stronger than Females in D&D
Gaining a New Experience Level GM Advice
The Tactics of Diplomacy in Stellar Conquest
Fantasy Forge
Fineous Fingers

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