Leap Month Cancer Fund Drive: The Final Report

As all the giveaway items have finally been mailed out, I can finally give a final report on The Leap Month RetroRoleplaying Fund Drive. My apologies for the delay, but one of our giveaway item recipients had long-term email issues that delayed getting in touch with him and another had a full email box. The Internet is truly wonderful, except when it just fails its saving throw and just doesn’t work.

As reported last week, the third trigger point was reached — although just barely — and the the collection of magazines (all issues of the Strategic Review and the first 10 issues of The Dragon) went to a donor in Washington state who requested his name not be listed. Our two high donors were M. Loernz from the Los Angeles area (who selected the four Bloodstone Pass modules) and Sergeant R.J. who is currently stationed in Germany (who will receive the set of Traveller books). Our Washington state donor reports he’s already received his box of magazines, the other items were mailed today.

The trigger point for the last two giveaway items wasn’t reached, so Alexi will be keeping the copy of FEZ I: Valley of Trees and the Quest for the Fazzlewood module. I’d like to thank Alexi again for donating the trigger point giveaway items and “Jimbo” for donating the early Traveller items that made this Drive possible. However, most of all I’d like to thank all the people who donated. There weren’t any truly huge donations (the high donor was under $250), but there were heck of a lot of smaller donations — and they all add up. Thank you very much one and all.

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