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Microlite78 and Microlite89? — 4 Comments

  1. Charlie, actually writing these up would be a lot of work. There are a lot more spells and many more monsters to rewrite in one or two lines in 1e. In 2e there are probably 1000 or more of each.

  2. I have had no problem simply dropping monsters and magic from 2E right into M74 Extended. There's some "winging it" portions, and I don't use the more complicated monsters (read: psionics) but it seems to all just work really well. I definitely don't have the time to undertake a full-on conversion these days, but I've been really happy using my 1E and 2E books in conjunction with M74.

  3. @Sully: ::two thumbs up:: What you are doing is exactly what I've been suggesting people who would like to use my Microlite74 rules for a 1e or 2e game. I'm glad to hear that it works as well as I hoped it would.