Updating the RetroRoleplaying Web Site Today

I’m about to start a major backend upgrade on the RetroRoleplaying web site. I’m moving from a Drupal 6 backend to a Drupal 7 backend. With luck, this will go smoothly and everything will just work. On other web sites I’ve updated from 6 to 7, this is sometimes true and sometimes not. I’m keeping my finger crossed. The main site will be in maintenance mode shortly and will remain that way until I have it at least semi-usable. Fortunately, this blog runs on Blogger and will not be affected. I’ll update this post if I have major issues and/or when the RetroRoleplaying web site returns. Thank you for your patience as I try to make my Drupal update saving throw yet one more time.

Noon Update: The Drupal 7 Update appears to have gone well. The RetroRoleplaying web site is available again. The Google Custom Search box broke and is hidden until I can get it working again. Everything else appears to be working okay, at least from doing some semi-random page checks.

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  1. I rather like using Drupal myself. Not for my gaming stuff, but for work.