For Gold & Glory Rules Finished (Free 2e Retroclone)

Justen Brown has announced that the rules for his 2e retroclone, For Gold & Glory, are finished. While they have not been formatted and turned into a nice-looking PDF yet, the For Gold & Glory rules are available as a Word .doc file on Justen’s Fey Square web site.

The one thing not done is a 2e monster collection. Justen is working on this but says:

Unfortunately the monsters have proven most difficult to research and adapt. 2E has the most in-depth monster write-ups in the series’ history, devoting at least a full page to otherwise mundane creatures, and this has lead to issues scouring books for OGL content and changing the experience values to actually match the guidelines given in the rulebook. In order for me to be completely satisfied, I’ll have to adapt the equivalent of the 200+ page monster book. I do have more than half the monsters adapted but the editing will take the longest amount of time.

I haven’t had a chance to read the final rules document, but from what I’ve seen in previous drafts, Justen has done a great job with this 2e retroclone.

You can find out more about For Gold & Glory and download a copy of the final doc file here: Fey Square: Home of For Gold & Glory.

Putting Silly Rumors to Rest Department: A few people have noticed that I was talking about using the title “For Gold & Glory” for one of my projects some time ago, before Justen announced his project and wondered why I did not stop him from using a title I had announced and produced a early rules draft for. I changed the name of that project to Microlite75 when Justen announced his project. Why? Because I’m not a nasty corporation hoarding IP and defending it from all comers. The OSR community needs a good mostly open content retroclone far more than I needed to call a Microlite74 variant “For Gold and Glory.” I doubt Justen even knew someone else was intending to use the title and he certainly did not send me legal threats to force me to change the name as one commenter once said.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaeko says:

    Hello, Justen here. Funny story about the name. It was originally and unironically called CRAIG (Classic Rules and Index Guide) but I was justly scolded for how stupid that sounded. I thought about what adventurers truly seek and the "three g's" every Elementary school drills into your head about the motivating factors of explorers during the Age of Sail: "God, glory, and gold." Well, religion and "God" is subjective, especially in a make-believe fantasy game about dragons and elves so I just made it "Gold and Glory." Buuuut there was a documentary titled that (about Spanish explorers, what do you know?) so I added a "For" just to distinguish the work.

    Sorry if I stepped on any toes because in 2009 I had just learned what a retro-clone was when someone pointed me to OSRIC. I have to give props to this blog because whenever I got pingbacks to my website during a major update it always came from here.

  2. Randall says:

    Justen: You really didn't cause any problems. Had I really wanted the name I would have emailed you and worked some out back in 2009. I almost did, but after thinking about it decided that "For Gold & Glory" was really a great name for a 2e retroclone. 🙂