Microlite74 Plus Edition: Work Begins

I’ve started “work” on the Microlite74 Plus Edition. At the moment, this work consists of dumping open game content that might be useful into a document with the Microlite74 3.0 Extended and Companion I rules. The document dumps have some lite editing to try to catch most trademark issues, no other changes (not even fixing formatting issues). Of course, not all of the material being dumping in will end up being used and much of what is used will require minor (or major) changes to fit the Microlite74 rules. I currently have open game content spells, monsters and magic items in Draft 0.1.

I don’t expect to start much real design work until the Draft 1 stage. However, a PDF copy of Microlite74 Plus Edition Draft 0.1 is available to Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors in the usual place with the usual password. It will be replaced with the current draft when major changes are made. Beta versions will be available to all, but we are a long way from a beta version.

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