New Microlite74 Forum — Join Now

We haven’t had a lot of luck with message boards. I get too busy to do the software maintenance and spammer management, so our boards eventually die. One of my players, Al (who plays the infamous Snarley in my Microlite74 Wilderlands campaign), has volunteered to do the software maintenance and spammer checking on a Microlite74 forum. In fact, since I gave him an account on the server Sunday, he’s setup a SMF forum with some nice mods (including one to supposedly automatically block known spammers).

I’ve created some boards for the various Microlite74 games (including the upcoming Microlite74 Plus project) as well as a board for Microlite20 games in general and for old school RPGs in general. There is also a special board that only RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors can access (through the usual password) when donors can discuss draft downloads than are only available to donors. All the Microlite74 forum needs now is active members to post. How about you?

You’ll find the new Microlite74 Forum at — note that still points to our Microlite74 Facebook page. Come on over, join, and start some discussion. Thank you

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3 Responses

  1. Just a heads up: Registration is currently down.

  2. Randall says:

    Oh? I'll talk to Al after dinner. Or actually, I'll shoot him an email now and call him after dinner. Thanks for mentioning this.

  3. Randall says:

    Al fixed it. Apologies to everyone for this mixup. Registration appears to be working as of 7:15 CDT.