Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Release Candidate 3 Available: Please Proofread!

The third and hopefully final “release candidate” version of Microlite74 3.0 Swords & Sorcery is now available for download.

Except for typos (of which I am sure there are more) the rules in third release candidate are pretty much unchanged from the second release candidate. This is a good thing as it meaning we are moving toward being ready for a final release. The main addition is a “What is Swords & Sorcery section. This was a real pain to write as I know what it is, but describing it is harder than I thought. The third release candidate is hopefully your last chance to download, proofread, math check, playtest, and the like. Please report any typos, places where the rules aren’t clear, or where they seem broken in play so I can fix typoes (of which there are probably more than the zero I’d like to have) and take a second look at any troublesome rules. We are currently on track for a final, formatted release of Microlite74 3.0 Swords & Sorcery around the end of September or early October.

You can download a free PDF copy of Microlite 74 3.0 Swords & Sorcery Release Candidate 3 from Mediafire:

Please post comments and corrections in this thread, Proofreading Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery RC 3, on our new Microlite74 Forum, in comments below, or by email to m74ssrc AT retroroleplaying.com. Note that this email address is different from the one for August and will only be valid during September 2011.

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