Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Edition Now Available For Free Download

Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery is now available. This version of Microlite74 is designed for Swords & Sorcery settings. If the fantasy stories of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Lieber, Clark Ashton Smith, C.L. Moore, Karl Edward Wagner, and David Gemell are more to your taste that those of Tolkein or Eddings, this version of Microlite74 may be just what you are looking for. Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery is based on Microlite74 Extended 3.0 but with many special rules designed for Swords & Sorcery style campaigns. For example, there are only two classes (Adventurer and Sorcerer) and 6 levels, magic is limited and casting certain spells can corrupt the caster, and many 0e style magic items are relics of dead civilizations from long ago. Humans are assumed to dominate the world and most enemies are other humans and animals. True monsters certainly exist but they are assumed to be rare. This is the first version of Microlite74 to provide detailed information on treasure.

I’d like to thank the following Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors for “sponsoring” this game with their donations: Joseph Bloch, Jeffrey Bowes, Chris Brandon, Christoph Camomile, David Cook, Daniel Corwin, Martin Costa, Andrew Cowie, Samuel Curry, Nicolas Delzenne, Sebastian Dietz, David Finch, Cain Gillespie, Alan Graham, Bruce Harlick, Steve Hyatt, John Lile, Fabrizio Luzzatti, Frank Mentzer, Ronaldo Nascimento, Ronald Pehr, Daniel Proctor, C J de Putron, Victor Raymond, Dan Schmidt, Titan Games and Comics Online,Adam Toulmin, Hector Varela-Rios, Austin Warnstrom, Christopher Weller, The Write Stuff, Terry Zimmerman, and several additional donors who wished to remain anonymous. Donations to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund help pay the huge cancer bills we ran up treating my wife’s Stage 3 Oral Cancer without

Like all Microlite74 games, Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery is free. You can download a copy from Mediafire and print copies for you and your friends. The PDF file is about 1.46 megs. It’s 38 pages and includes public domain art.

Download Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery from Mediafire.

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