Help the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund And Get a Chance at OD&D and AD&D Items

This is an updated post about the Holiday RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive. As several additional donor giveaway items have been added since the drive started, the original post is out of date. Therefore, I’m posting this new updated version.

Background: As many regular readers know my wife had oral cancer some years back and i wrote the original version of Microlite74 to take my mind off of her daily radiation treatments. At about 4.5 years after surgery to remove over one-third of her tongue and six weeks of radiation treatments for oral cancer, her CT scan results in early November were stable, that is no change. This is all you can ask for. Unfortunately, we are some of the 40 to 50 million people in the US who do not have health insurance and do not qualify for government aid as we live in Texas and have no children. The cancer treatments and related expenses have cost over $120,000 so far (with another $3500-4000 about to be added for the CT Scan and associated lab and doctor fees). While over 80% of this has been absorbed by hospital foundations or paid by previous fund drives, monthly payments by us, and the like, we still owe quite a bit.

We are lucky this year, a local family-run foundation has offered to match what we raise until December 17th dollar for dollar up to $3000. (The original amount they were willing to double was $2500, but they told me yesterday they are willing to go to $3000 and gave us an extra week to raise money.) The money raised will first be used to pay off the 2012 CT Scan expenses and then to pay down the huge bill we have for Donna’s radiation treatments. Between money donated during the 3 day fund raiser for Karen’s House (the 50% that went to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund), a few dollars donated already this money, and the almost $700 we had saved this year for a “down payment” on this year’s CT scan, we have about $900.00 raised at the start of this drive (about $1200 as of this revised post). This means we need to raise about $1800.00 between now and December 17th to reach the maximum amount they will double. If we can do this, we’ll have paid for this year’s CT Scan and over one-tenth of the remaining radiation treatment bill. So we are having a Holiday RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund drive.

What All Donors Receive: Everyone who donates anything at all (even a dollar) to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund gets access to a few special downloads (like pdfs of two 1970s D&D fanzines, a special edition of Microlite74, and more) as described on the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund web page. All donors also have access to work-in-process versions of my current projects — whatever they might be. Current projects available are draft versions of Microlite74 Companions II and III, Microlite74 Plus, and Gryphons & Grammerye (a version of S&W with my house rules circa 1977-1978).

Sponsor Listings: Anyone donating $25 or more during this fund drive will be listed as a sponsor in the two upcoming Microlite75 Companions. Anyone donating $50 or more will also be listed as a sponsor in Gryphons & Gramarye.

Donor Giveaways: We also have a few goodies to give away. Nothing super-valuable from a collector’s point of view this time, but some nice stuff to actually use in play. First, a couple of AD&D books: one copy of Unearthed Arcana and one copy of Oriental Adventures for AD&D1e. As these were my spare copies, they were barely used, which means Unearthed Arcana’s binding is intact and with care will remain that way. I bought multiple copies of each the day they came out: one to keep/read, one to use at the table, and a spare. Here’s a picture of the copy of Unearthed Arcana:

AD&D 1e Unearthed Arcana
I also have nice copies of these early AD&D adventures to give away: C1 (Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, 1980), C2 (Ghost Tower of Inverness, 1980) and S2 (White Plume Mountain, 1979). Finally, we have a copy of The Official Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Coloring Book. These six items will be raffled off to donors, one chance per dollar donated. New Items added to the giveaway list during the drive:

High Donor Giveaways: First, the person who donates the largest amount will get an autographed copy of their choice of one of my Microlite74 publications — in a special one of a kind printing that no one else will have a copy of — not even me.

Second, provided we raise at least $2000.00, the three donors who donate the largest amounts will be asked to select a number between one and one hundred and the donor who comes closed to the number selected by Todd will win a collection of OD&D items he has donated:

White Box D&D* White Box OD&D, 4th Printing, includes loose table sheets
* Chainmail 3rd Edition, 2nd Printing (early, stapled binding)
* Greyhawk, 3rd (or later?) printing
* Eldritch Wizardry, First Printing
* Swords and Spells, 4th printing
* Arduin Grimoire, early printing (has TSR stuff marked out so it was printed before TSR’s cease & desist order)
* Boot Hill, 1st Printing?
* Warriors of Mars, 1st printing

See this post for more details.

If you donated to the quick fund raiser we had for Karen’s house at the end of October 2012, your donation counts for both the sponsorships and the item give-aways.

How to Help: To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and possibly the above mentioned items), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. Remember, the amount you donate (after PayPal fees and up to the maximum of $3000) will be DOUBLED so every dollar you donate does twice as much good. Thank you very much in advance.

(I’m occasionally asked if it is possible to donate without using PayPal. I can accept postal money orders (the kind you get from the post office) via snail mail if you don’t want to use PayPal. You’ll have to email me for the snail mail address.)

If you would like to help but cannot make a donation, please help spread the word around the blogsphere (and other places). In fact, if you make a post to your blog talking about this fundraising drive and post a link to your post in a comment to this post, I’ll give you one entry in the raffle. Note: Your blog will have to have some way for us to email you if you get lucky or will will not be able to get your prize to you. Unlike some of my characters, I can’t read minds.

Click here to donate now. Thanks!

Progress as of 4 Nov: $1211 of the $3000 goal raised.

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