Holiday Cancer Fund Drive Final Report

I am happy to be announce that the Holiday RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive raised just over $1100 dollars. With the $700 of my wife and I contributed, we had just over $1800 — which was doubled, meaning $3600 was paid on our cancer bills — which just about covered my wife’s annual CT Scan from November. Although we wish we could have raised the entire $3000, we can’t complain at all.

Unfortunately, we did not reach the $2000 goal Todd had set for his OD&D items. Todd has agreed to offer them again in our next donation drive — which will not happen until I have some more really good items to give away. I’ve managed to contact the winners of the AD&D items and I’m happy to say that all the AD&D items have been mailed out. Well, all but one. Tom C. Stopped by on his way to San Antonio for the Alamo Bowl and collected his copy of Unearth Arcana (1e version). It was nice to meet you. I hope you enjoyed watching the Longhorns win.

The only idea unaccounted for is the high donor item — the special one-of-a-kind edition of one of the Microlite74 versions. A.H. please check your email.

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to this drive. I’d sing the “Thank you very much” song from Scrooge, but my singing is classified as torture. So I’ll just link to the Youtube clip.

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