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Over the holidays, I received an email from someone who was interested in Microlite20 and a couple of its variants, but did not want to have to download the entire The Microlite20 RPG Collection to get them. Adfter looking around the web, I discovered that there really does not seem to be a central location to find and download Microlite20 based games. This is especially true since the official Microlite20 forum switched from SMF to Vanilla and lost the download area (among other useful features Vanilla lacks — admittedly, it one of my least favorite types of forum, so some prejudice may creep in here).

I’ve made all the Microlite20 files and variants (both minor and complete games) available as separate downloads at in the Microlite20 folder on my Mediafire account. These are all free games and are all available for free download. Eventually, each major variant will have its own topic (with a link to the variant download) in a planned Microlite20 area of the Microlite74 Forum. This will make it easier to find out about and discuss the many Microlite20 variants, but until then at least they are available in one play for easy download.

You’ll find the basic Microlite20 rules (and numerous minor variants) as well as the following major variants in the download area: Microlite20 House Rules, MicroFantasy, Alter Microlite20, Ultramicrolite20 Revised, Ultramicrolite20 Revised II, Nanolite20, Microlite20 Modern, M20 Modern: Expert, Microlite20 Modern-Day, M20 Hard Core Rules, Swords against Sorcery, M20 Heroic, Iron Heartbreakers, Microlite11, WildWalker’s M20 4e, Microlite20 Variant 4e, Microlite 4E, Micro Action Fantasy, MULRAH, Lite20, Mini20, Realms of Renown, Microlite77, Microlite20 OSS, Advanced Microlite20 OSS, Argo, M20 Hyborian Age, Microlite Conan, Prehistoric Microlite20, Microlite20 Bronze Age, Microlite Dark Sun, Omerian Tales, Beacon, WarEngine RPG, Yamato M20, Challenges & Champions, Microlite20 Elf Lords, Microlite20 Resident Evil, Microlite20 Cthulthu, Microlite20 Vampires, Microlite20 2012, SpyLite, Giant Bug Invasion, Cyberpunk, SuperLite, Microlite20 Costumes, Tumbleweed, Gunsmoke & Goblins, Owl Hoot Trail, Microlite Storytelling, TileHack, Dragoons, ZombiePocalypse, Relics & Ruins, OmegaLite20, RABID, Microlite20 Vermin, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Galactic Methuselah, FrontierLite, M20 Star Wars, Microlite20 Star Wars, Scions of a Primordial Planet, Micro MechWarrior, Stargate 1895, Blaster D20 Microlite, Pendragon D20 Microlite, Diabolical D20 Microlite, PathfinderLite20. The following “mega-edition” versions of the Microlite20 system are also available: Microlite20 Golden Edition, DungeonFinder Player’s Guide, DungeonFinder GM’s Guide, DungeonFinder Book of Monsters, and Grimm Lite.

My Mictolite74 games are not in this download area. They remain the the Microlite74 Version 3 folder.

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3 Responses

  1. Yay, Alter Microlite20 is there!

  2. Randall says:

    Yes, Alter Microlite20 is there (Download Link). Version 0.7 is the latest I have.

  3. Mr Todd says:

    You can also always find the most recent version of Beacon at http://beacond20.blogspot.com