Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules Now Available for Free Download

I’m happy to announce that the third Microlite74 Companion volume is now available for free download.

Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules is the first Microlite74 Companion mainly written by someone other than myself. The vast majority of the material in this third Companion volume was written by Rachel Ghoul (Librarylass on our forum). Like the Microlite74 Companion I, this volume contains a large number of optional rules a GM may elect to include in a campaign. Each optional rules section is independent and can be included or excluded on its own. Most optional rules are usable with any of the three versions of Microlite74: Basic, Standard, or Extended. Here is a list of the optional rules sections in Companion III:

* Supplemental Stats: Sanity and Luck
* Optional Races (various goblinoid races, Tieflings, Catfolk, Dragonborn, and many more )
* Optional Classes (Witches, Necromancers, Delvers, Swashbucklers, and many more)
* Optional Experimental Classes (like comic book Superhero!)
* Races as Classes
* Experimental Class Options (for standard classes)
* Specialist Priests (Clerics than vary by deity followed)
* Monster Mash Advantages (turning characters into vampires, lycanthropes, and ghosts)
* Spell Sphere (free form magic)
* Magic Item Creation
* Feat of Strength and Skill (for fighters)
* Shield Wall
* Climbing on Enemies
* Action-Type Initiative
* Unusual Weapons
* Mounted Combat and Jousting
* Critical Hit Special Effects
* Critical Miss Special Effects
* Prime Requisite Experience Bonuses
* Conjurer Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels)
* Necromancer Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels)
* Shaman Spell List (Divine, 7 levels)
* Ascetic Spell List (Arcane, 6 levels)
* Thaumaturge Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels)
* Witch Spell List (Arcane, 7 levels)
* Additional Monsters (lots)
* Traps, Natural Hazards, and Diseases (lots)

You can download a free copy of Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules from Mediafire. It is a 30 page PDF file and is about 1.2 megs.

Download Microlite74 Companion III: More Optional Rules

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4 Responses

  1. Rachel Ghoul says:

    Looking back a lot of this stuff feels somehow… unpolished. This autumn I was a torrent of ideas, and I hope enough of them worked that it was worth the time.

  2. Randall says:

    Rachel: Whether they work or not will depend on the campaign. There are a heck of a lot of ideas in Companion III, which are diamond and which are just quartz is in the eye of the beholder. There are lots of ideas here that I would probably never use in any campaign I'd be likely to run, but would probably work just fine in other settings with other groups of players.

    I a lot of ways, Companion III reminds me of many of the third party supplements that appeared in the late 1970s and early 1980s (and that comparatively few people ever saw), each bursting forth with new and wild stuff. Adding any of it to a campaign without thought could cause problems, but carefully selected (and sometimes modified) material could help made a campaign really good.

  3. tech66 says:

    I LOVE Companion III!!!
    Sanity + Witch-hunters/Inquisitors = Hansel and Gretel vs the Army of Darkness!!

  4. Randall says:

    @tech66: Hansel and Gretel vs the Army of Darkness? Sounds like something I shouldn't mention to my niece. I'm glad to hear you like Companion III.