Microlite74 Sucks! (Can We Fix it?)

In a new thread over at theRPGsite entitled Your favorite game sucks. Tell me why. that is for listing problems with your favorite games, LibraryLass said the the following about Microlite74:

Microlite74’s minimalism is beautiful, but it also puts a lot on the DM’s shoulders. There’s simply no time for flavor either.

You know what? Both are true. The second doesn’t matter much to me. It’s hard to put flavor into a set of rules that are intended to be used in many different settings and for many different styles of play — even more so when you are trying to keep the rules very short and to the point. Putting a lot on DM’s shoulders is much more of an issue. What could I add to Microlite74 that couple in a page or two of M74’s fine print help take some of the burden off of the DM’s shoulders?

If think flavor is more important than I do, I’m open to suggestions that do not involve narrowing the game setting-wise or play-style-wise.

The best place to discuss this is probably this thread on the RetroRoleplaying Forum, but I’m posting this here as well for comments in case you have some suggestions but do not want to join yet another forum.

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2 Responses

  1. A significant part of my efforts on the forums were, in my mind, towards a sort of DMG for Microlite. =D

  2. My $0.02:

    Don't change a thing. No one is ever going to be completely satisfied with anything, and changing it will only make someone else dissatisfied with it.

    Microlite74 does what it says on the tin, a completely playable minimalist fantasy gaming system in a booklet. Beefing it up will destroy the minimalism.

    If people want more flavour and background, post some (separate) setting content from the community. There's enough stuff around for that, I'm sure. Same goes for GM advice, collect a set of micro-essays into a booklet for folks who want that stuff.