RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive: Giving Away a Second OD&D This Weekend

If you have been reading this blog, you know we are in the middle of the Brown Box/Wee Warriors Cancer Fund Drive with a third printing brown box copy of OD&D as one of the giveaway items. Nothing has changed there, but you may remember that we had a donated 4th printing White Box set of OD&D (and some other items) offered in our last drive, provided we raised at least $2000. We fell short of that goal and Todd (the donor) kept his items. Earlier this week he emailed me and asked if the combined amount raised from this drive and the last drive had hit $2000 yet. I told him that it had and he wants to give the his set of OD&D away in a slightly modified version of the original plan.

Originally, Todd wanted me to take the three highest donors (from last year’s Holiday drive) and have them guess a number between 1 and 100 and he would have mailed his giveaway items to the donor who came closest to the number he has selected. The new procedure is similar. I’m to have the five highest donors from both the Holiday Drive from last year and this current drive through midnight CST on Saturday (that’s five donors total, not five from each drive), have them select a number between 1 and 100 and Todd will mail his giveaway items to the person who comes closest to the number he has selected. This will be in addition to the items I have set as donor items for this current fund drive. That is, the winner of Todd’s items will still be eligible for all the giveaway items in the current Brown Box/Wee Warriors Cancer Fund Drive.

Here is a list of the items Todd will be sending the lucky donor quoted from this post from last year: Fourth Printing White Box D&D Added to Holiday RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive Giveaway Items.

* White Box OD&D, 4th Printing, includes loose table sheets
* Chainmail 3rd Edition, 2nd Printing (early, stapled binding)
* Greyhawk, 3rd (or later?) printing
* Eldritch Wizardry, First Printing
* Swords and Spells, 4th printing
* Arduin Grimoire, early printing (has TSR stuff marked out so it was printed before TSR’s cease & desist order)
* Boot Hill, 1st Printing?
* Warriors of Mars, 1st printing

(Printings identified with the help of The Acaeum’s descriptions)

Todd says that all the booklets are in very good shape, except for the Arduin Grimoire which has a couple of pages loose in the center. The box is in so-so shape (“It’s not falling apart…yet.”) While from Todd’s descriptions, none of these items are going to appeal to collectors, they sound like nice copies of some fairly rare TSR/D&D material for play use.

I will email the top 5 donors on Sunday and request that they pick a number. When I get all five number selections back, I’ll forward them to Todd (sans names) and he will tell me which number came closest to his selection. I will then give Todd the lucky person’s email address and Todd will contact the person to arrange mailing the above listed items to them. At the moment it is still possible to get in the top five donors without breaking the bank account — but the donation has to hit the PayPal account by midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning. See below for donation info.

Finally, I’d like to thank Todd again for adding these items to this donation drive — especially after the Holiday goal fell short. That’s going way above and beyond.

cover scanThe Brown Box/Wee Warriors Cancer Fund Drive is on. 12 giveaway items (including a third printing Brown Box D&D and Wee Warriors items are available. High Donors will get get six (their choice), the rest will be raffled off with each $10 donating giving you one chance. You can see the complete list of 12 items and read more about this fund drive in this post: Brown Box D&D and Wee Warriors Goodies Available (For Cancer Fund Donors). This is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetrpoRoleplaying Cancer Fund. To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and a chance at the above-mentioned items), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. Thank you!

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