Microlite74 Companion V: First Edition Spells Now Available for Free Download

Microlite74 Companion V CoverI’m pleased to be able to announce that the fifth Microlite74 Companion volume is now available for free download. This volume completes my current Microlite74 projects. There probably will be more Microlite74 Companion volumes in the future, but for now I will be switching most of my game design efforts to my new project, Lords & Wizards.

Microlite74 Companion V: First Edition Spells provides more detailed descriptions of spells and provides many new spells similar to those in the first edition of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. Using the spells in this companion volume instead of the ones in the Microlite74 Standard or Extended rules will make your game more similar the First Edition (1e) than the Original Edition (0e), especially when combined with monsters from Microlite74 Companion IV: Bestiary of Monsters. Most of these spells are suitable for use with either the Standard, or Extended versions of Microlite74. With care some can be used with the Basic version of Microlite74. Healing spells list alternative effects for the Basic/Standard HP system and for the Extended HP/BP system.

You can download a free copy of Microlite74 Companion V: First Edition Spells from Mediafire. It is a 52 page PDF file and is about 1.5 megs — mainly due to the public domain illos.

Download Microlite74 Companion V: First Edition Spells

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