Brown Box/Wee Warriors Drive Results, Part I

The Brown Box/Wee Warriors Retroroleplaying Cancer Fund Drive ended last Thursday. We selected winners of the random drawings at my Sunday Game yesterday. Those will be published once every is contacted (some people wish to remain anonymous, so I don’t release names until I’m contacted the winning donors). However, the high donor ideas have been awarded and were mailed out this morning. I’d like to thank everyone who donated (and there were a lot of you) for your generous donations.

George J. of “somewhere in rural Montana” was the high donor. He selected:

  • TSR OD&D Brown Box, 3rd printing OD&D Brown Box 3rd printing (plus the 4 supplements each a 1st printings: Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry, and Gods, Demi-Gods, & Heroes)
  • Guidon Games Chainmail 1st printing signed by Gygax and Perrin, good condition (donated by John C.)
  • Wee Warriors Misty Isles.

I asked George how much gaming he gets to do in rural Montana. He says that play by post games and Fantasy Grounds are long-time friends, so he actually gets a lot of gaming — just very little face-to-face.

Manual G of Southern California was the second highest donor. He selected:

  • Wee Warriors Palace of the Vampire Queen (TSR distributed)
  • Wee Warriors The Dwarven Glory (TSR distributed)

He also won a one of our surprise items in the drawings: A $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

There was a tie for third highest donor. A donor who wishes to remain anonymous ended up with the prize and selected:

  • TSR The Strategic Preview #3-6

I hope to contact the drawing winners over the next couple of days. With luck, I have replies from all of them by the end of the week and can do a Brown Box/Wee Warriors Drive Results, Part II post.

BTW, we reached the first bonus goal but fell short of the second. Therefore no one got the autographed adventures.

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