Brown Box/Wee Warriors Drive Results, Part II

The Brown Box/Wee Warriors Retroroleplaying Cancer Fund Drive ended on April 11th. We selected winners of the random drawings at my Sunday Game on April 14th. The first part of the results (posted last week), listed the high donor winners. This post lists the random drawing winners, or at least those who told me I could post their names and/or locations. All items have now been shipped. Again, I’d like to thank everyone who donated (and there were a lot of you) for your generous donations.

The “Guidon Games Chainmail (2nd Edition, goldenrod cover)” went to Fredrick J. of Aspen, Colorado. James B. from Michigan won the copy of “Wee Warriors Character Archaic (TSR distributed)” and a copy of the “TSR Monster & Treasure Assortment #1, #2, #3”. Havard G. from Los Angeles drew the seven issues of “The Strategic Review”. Sal W. of Altanta won the signed copy of the “Empire of the Petal Throne”. Dawn S. of Boston won a Starbucks gift card. Alvin R. and Samuel C. won DrivethruRPG gift certificates. People who either requested to remain anonymous or who never gave permission to list their names drew the following items: “Wee Warriors The Endless Dungeon”, “TSR Dungeon Geomorphs #1, #2, #3”, “TSR Outdoor Geomorphs” and Steam, Amazon and DrivethruRPG gift certificates.

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