First “Sponsor Lords & Wizards” Mini-Drive Giveaway Winners

A drawing was held at the end of my Sunday Game last Sunday for the first Sponsor Lords & Wizards Mini-Drive for the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund. The following announced items were given away: a Holmes Basic Set, The Manual of Aurania, Chivalry & Sorcery (1st edition) and FEZ I: Valley of Trees. In addition, two Steam Keys for the A Game of Dwarves PC game (see ) were given away, both donated by one of my Sunday game players.

Our winners were:

James J. of Michigan gets the Holmes Basic Set.
Sal R. of Hawaii will receive The Manual of Aurania.
Thomas A. of California gets the first edition Chivalry & Sorcery book.
Georgia V. of South Carolina gets the original FEZ I module.
Robert G. of Louisiana and Guy S. of France each get a Steam Key for A Game of Dwarves.

I’d like to thank everyone who donated. The next mini-drive starts immediately with the same goal, $250 dollars. Giveaway items will be announced Wednesday or Thursday, but will definitely include a copy either Booty and the Beasts or The Necomican — whichever I find in the box first.

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