RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund: First Mini-Drive Goal Met

I’ve spend the last few days with strep throat (and the accompanying 36 hours in the bathroom that the antibiotic always gives me). I felt bad enough that I cancelled the Sunday game. I just was not up to it. I’m on the mend now, but am about 4 days behind on everything.

While I was under the weather, donations to the first mini-drive brought the total to well over the $250 goal. The drawing will be held at my Sunday game on the 16th. All donations received by Saturday morning (the 15th, when I get up and check email, which is around 7am) will count toward this drive. So if you are interested at a chance at one of the giveaway items, you have until then you make a donation.

I should have an actual (read hopefully interesting) post tomorrow.

cover scanThe first Sponsor Lords & Wizards Mini-Drive for RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund is running now. The goals is only $250 with the following giveaway items: a Holmes Basic Set, The Manual of Aurania, Chivalry & Sorcery (1st edition) and FEZ I: Valley of Trees. Each $10 donated gives you one chance at one of these items. This is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund and sponsorship listings in the upcoming Lords & Wizards game. To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and a chance at the above-mentioned items), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. Thank you!

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