1975 Gygax Article on Dungeon Design in PDF Format (and Microlite81 Draft 0.30)

0e D&D illoGary Gygax contributed an article on setting up a D&D campaign to an issue of a fanzine called europa 6-8 in April 1975. Until today, I’ve only seen a very poor photocopy of this article — such a poor copy that some parts were completely unreadable. Thanks to Kent of Some King’s Kent blog, I now have a nice pdf copy of this article. Kent reformatted the original and made a pdf. The entire copy is readable so Kent must have been working from an original (or at least a much better copy than I had).

It’s a fairly short article, but it gives some good advice on setting up a Lake Geneva style campaign. Best of all, it gives some details of the original Greyhawk castle dungeon. You can download you copy from Kent’s blog: Gygax 1975 – How To Set Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Campaign.

I’ve made yet more progress on Microlite81: The 0e Conventions section has received a major update for B/X, optional rules for traditional saving throws and item saving throws have been added, info on strongholds for each character class have been added, etc. We continue to be on track for the first public playtest release sometime next week, perhaps by mid-week.

RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download the current draft of Microlite81 (0.30) via the following link — you’ll need the standard donor password. As I said yesterday, the more people support Microlite81 with a donation to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund, the more time I can justify working on the Microlite81 to my wife.

Download Microlite81 Playtest Draft 0.30. (1.33 meg PDF)

cover scanThe second Sponsor Lords & Wizards (and Microlite81) Mini-Drive for RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund is running now. The goals is only $250 with the following giveaway items: The Necromican, Judges Guild Dungeon Tac Cards, The Iron Wind (1st Edition) and Starstone. Each $10 donated gives you one chance at one of these items. This is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund and sponsorship listings in the upcoming Lords & Wizards game. To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills (and to get access to some special downloads and a chance at the above-mentioned items), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. Thank you!
As of 20 July 2013, $195 has been donated in this mini-drive, an additional $55 in donations is needed to trigger the drawing for the items mentioned above.

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