Microlite81: The Fighter Bonus Explained

+Julian Steen pointed out that I had not explained what the Fighter Bonus was in the 1.00 version of Microlite81 Public Playtest. I’ve replaced the download in the playtest announcement post with a 1.01 version that includes the Fighter Bonus explanation. If you’ve already downloaded the original 1.00 version, there’s no real need to download another copy. Here’s the added test (in the combat section):

Fighter Bonus: Dwarves, elves, fighters, and halflings have a non-zero Fighter Bonus. They may add their Fighter Bonus to their attack and damage rolls (both melee and missile).

There will be some other uses for the Fighter Bonus in optional rules and in more “complex” versions of Microlite81 (Expanded and Advanced, for example), which is why I broke it out instead of just including it in Physical Combat Bonus or the like.

Apologies for the error.

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