Dungeon Robber — Flash Game of Old School (1e) Dungeon Crawling

I’ve discovered the Dungeon Robber game. it’s a flash game of old school dungeon crawling. Very old school dungeon crawling. From the game description from the “what the heck is this?” box on the startup screen:

The very first single-player dungeoncrawl game was not a video game. It was a series of charts printed in the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons, back in 1979. By rolling dice according to the instructions, you could generate a dungeon which was illogical, arbitrary, super-lethal, and which often didn’t even produce usable results.


The system is slightly modified early TSR D&D. The game is not graphics intensive. In fact, the main graphic “the random dungeon generator as map” which flashes around as the program rolls dice to generate the next part of the dungeon. Most of the game is text description with choices at the end of every turn. I’ve found Dungeon Robber to be a lot of fun and very addictive — and as you probably know, I’m not a big fan of computer RPGs. If you like old school D&D, give Dungeon Robber a try.

Play Dungeon Robber

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