RetroRoleplaying Holiday Cancer Fund Drive: First Giveaway Winners!

White Dwarf magazine Issue 1 June/July 1977The drawing for the first $750 progress giveaway item (the first 25 issues of White Dwarf magazine) was finally held on Saturday. It was originally scheduled for last Thursday, but holiday doings delayed it a couple of days. The winner of the 25 issues of White Dwarf is one of the “additional donors who wish to remain anonymous”. He still wishes to remain anonymous but has told me I can report that he is very happy to have won these items as it will give him a complete collection of the first 100 issues of White Dwarf. He had issues 7 and issues 23-100. This will complete his collection.

I also had some Steam keys to give away. These were donated by Rod, one of my Sunday game players, who had recently purchased one of the Humble Bundles, but only wanted a few of the games in the bundle. The lucky winners are:

John B.: Orcs Must Die! GOTY (Steam key)
Alstair C.: Garry’s Mod (Steam key)
Alan G. Sanctum: Collection (Steam key)
Brain I.: Natural Selection 2 (Steam key)
Joesph N.: Magicka and 2 DLCs (Steam key)
James P: Cities in Motion 2 (Steam key)

The next drawing (when we reach $1500) will be for a set of AD&D books signed by Gary Gygax (Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, DMG, Monster Manual II, Oriental Adventures, and Unearth Arcana). To see the huge list of third party D&D items that will go to lucky donors at the end of this drive, see the original post (Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund Drive (with lots of Third Party D&D Giveaway Items)), but here is just one of the ten sets of items that a lucky donor will receive:

7th Group, published by Phoenix Games or by Martian Game Modules: The Book of Fantasy Miniatures (Phoenix Games, 1978), The Lost Abbey of Calthonwey (Phoenix Games, 1979), The Mines of Keridav (Phoenix Games, 1982),
T.H.E. Non-Player Character (Martian Game Modules, 1978), and
T.H.E. Fighter (Martian Game Modules, 1979).

Donations are much appreciated and I’d like to thank everyone who has donated or will donate!

Please Donate imageThe Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund Drive is on. Every $10 donated gives you one chance to win one or more of more than 40 non-TSR D&D items published in the late 1970s and early 1980s. You can see the complete list of giveaway items and read more about this fund drive in this post: Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund Drive (with lots of Third Party D&D Giveaway Items). This is in addition to the usual PDF downloads and other benefits of a donation to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund. All donations will be used to pay the property taxes on our house as we had to use the money saved for this to pay for more medical treatment for my wife’s cancer and other medical problems treatment related bills (see the linked post above for more info), send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal.Thank you!

We need to raise about $3400 by the end of January, as of this post this drive has raised $898. Thanks to everyone who donates, spreads the word, or thinks positive thoughts for us!

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