Progress Reports: Holiday Cancer Drive and Microlite81

The Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund Drive was a complete success. Thanks to over 100 different donors (most made some donations, although some make very generous donations) we raised just under the amount we needed. We then got lucky and A client who had owned me money since last September decided to pay up which covered the remainder we needed. We keep the house. I’d like to thank each and every one of the 100+ people who donated for their help. Y’all have been wonderful.

I’ll be holding the final/main round of Holiday 2013 Cancer Fund giveaways after my Sunday Game this evening. Unfortunately, I probably will not be able to announce the winners until late in the week as the winners of the high donor items have to pick the bundles they want before I can award the remaining bundles randomly to the drawing winners. Then I will have to pack them up and ship them out. My wife has three days with doctors appointments I have to get her to this week and three more next week. Packing and mailing will have to work around this, but I will keep the giveaway winners informed as to what is going on.

Progress on Microlite81 has been slow in January because much of my spare time has been taken up with doctor appointments for my wife, 11 days with them last month. While there has not been much actual time to write, I have been able to make a lot of notes and do some proofreading while sitting in waiting rooms. Even with another month full of doctor appointments coming up, I hope to have a Release Candidate of Microlite81 Extended done by the end of February and a more complete (just shy of beta) version of Microlite81 Complete available for donors. I hope to get both finished or at least mostly finished by the end of March so I can get started on Microlite81 Advanced. I haven’t done any work on it yet because I know if I started to work on it, none of the other versions of Microlite81 would see any work at all.

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