Quick Microlite81 Extended Progress Report

Microlite81 Extended Release Candidate 1 would be out now. However, my Sunday group surprised me last Sunday by volunteering to proofread it. Everyone has taken a few pages and will be proofreading their section this week. The proofreading will be of variable quality because some of my players have more time for and/or skill at proofreading, but at least more eyes than my own will have gone over the rules before I release them for everyone interested to proofread. Barring real life issues, Microlite81 Extended Release Candidate 1 should be out Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. I’ll allow a week to ten days after that for public comment and corrections, after which the “silver edition” final should appear fairly quickly.

A new donor-only alpha version of Microlite81 Complete will probably be available to donors in a week or ten days. With some luck a public beta of Microlite81 Complete may be available by the end of March.

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