Microlite78 Sponsorship/RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive Giveaway Items

Microlite78 miockup coverYesterday (April 5th) I announced a RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund Drive designed to convince my wife to let me add a requested Microlite78: First Edition Lite game to my free game production schedule (see Would You Like to See a Microlite78: First Edition Lite? for more details). We’ve already raised $145 toward the $600 goal.

All donors receive the usual array of free Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donor downloads which includes work-in-progress copies of projects (like Microlite81, Microlite20 NG, and hopefully Microlite78) I’m working on. In my post yesterday, I mentioned I’d add some AD&D giveaway items. Here they are, two different drawings.

The first drawing will be held when we reach $300 in donations. The following AD&D 1e Greyhawk items (or sets of items in some cases) will be given away:

* Greyhawk Boxed Set (1983 – 48-page book, 80-page book, 2 fold-out maps),
* The World of Greyhawk (1980 – 32-page book w/oversized tri-fold cover, 2 fold-out maps)
* Adventure Pack (WG4 – The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun by Gygax, 1982; WG5 – Mordenkainen’s Fantastic Adventure by Gygax and Kuntz, 1983; and WG6 – Isle of the Ape by Gygax, 1986).
* Adventure Pack (L1 – The Secret of Bone Hill by Lakofka, 1981; L2 – The Assassin’s Knot by Lakofka, 1983; and L3 – Deep Dwarven Delve by Lakofka, 1999)

When we reach $600, the following AD&D Forgotten Realms items (and a special D&D rarity) will be given away:

* 10th Anniversary Collector’s Set (1984 faux-leather slipcase containing Mentzer Basic, Expert and Companion Rulebooks, D&D Character Record Sheets, MSOLO1 Blizzard Pass, B1 In search of the Unknown, B2 Keep on the Borderlands, X1 Isle of Dread, AC2 Combat Shield and mini-adventure “Treasure of the Hideous One”, AC3 3-D Dragon Tiles featuring The Kidnapping of Princess Arelina, six dice and a dice crayon)
* Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (1987 – 2 96-page perfect-bound books, 4 fold-out maps, 2 hex grid overlays) and Kara-Tur Boxed Set (1988 – 2 96-page books, 4 fold-out maps) This is the so-called “gray box” version
* FR1 – FR8: Waterdeep and the North, Moonshae, Empires of the Sands, The Magister, The Savage Frontier, Dreams of the Red Wizards, Hall of Heroes, Cities of Mystery
* FR9 – FR16: Bloodstone Lands, Old Empires, Dwarves Deep, Horde Campaign, Anauroch, Great Glacier, Gold & Glory, Shining South)

D&D 10th Anniversary Collector's Set illo from webThere were only 1000 copies of the special 10th Anniversary Collector’s Set printed so while it’s not an AD&D item, it is a fairly collectible item, especially as the copy I have to give away (one of the items I inherited from Ray) is still in its shrink wrap.

Other items such as Starbucks gift cards, Steam games, etc. are donated from time to time. If any are available at the time of the next drawing, they may be added as extra giveaway items. I’ve have not ever heard anyone complain about winning something unexpected. The first set of items will be given away at the end of April even if we raise less than $300. The 10th Anniversary Collector’s Set will only be given away if we reach $600 by the end of April 2014). April donors get one chance for every $10 donated. Donate early to be sure you get a chance at both drawing.

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, anyone donating $10 or more during April will be listed as a sponsor in Microlite78: First Edition Lite. A $10 donation gets a “First Level Sponsor” listing, a $20 donation gets a “Second Level Sponsor” listing, a $30 donation gets a “Third Level Sponsor” listing, etc. All donations of $25 or more will be listed as a sponsor of all the Microlite81 games as well.

To get help us pay our cancer treatment related bills, to get access to some special downloads and possibly the above mentioned items, and to convince my wife to let me add a Microlite78 to my writing schedule, send a donation in any amount — small or large — to me via Paypal. My apologies for having to ask for donations and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who donates. If you cannot donate but wish to help, please spread the word about my request and offer. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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