Microlite78 Errata

Microlite78 mockup coverWhen I doing final editing of Microlite78: First Edition Lite, Microsoft Word died as I was adding one last text box near the end of the document. I thought I had checked the autosaved version of the file carefully, but I missed something. The Class requirements for assassins, druids, illusionists, paladins, and rangers had reverted to what I had originally written when I was going to use all six attributes. If you have one of the first 100 or so downloads of Microlite78: First Edition Lite, you will need to make the following changes (or just download a new copy).

Assassin Requirements: STR 12+, DEX 12+, MIND 12+
Druid Requirements: MIND 12+, CHA 15+.
Illusionist Requirements: MIND 15+.
Paladin Requirements: STR 12+, MIND 11+, CHA 17+, alignment must be Law.
Ranger Requirements: MIND 12+, CON 15+.

My apologies for making a fairly stupid “user error.” I’ve used MS Word for many years and should have known to check things more carefully after a crash. I’d like to thank +Lou Goncey for catching the above errors so quickly.

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