New Microlite81 Complete Draft (0.40) Available For Donor Download

Microlite81 Complete Playtest Draft CoverA new draft of Microlite81 Complete is now available for download. Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download this (and all future drafts) at the usual donor download location with the usual password (here’s a link to this download: Microlite81 Complete Playtest Draft 0.40)

It’s been a long time since I worked on Microlite81 Complete. There did not seem to be much interest in it from either donors or the general public so it has been on the back burner. However, I’ve had a few people ask how it is coming so I have dusted it off and put some work into the project. The chapter of GM advice is still missing and a number of minor additions need to be made throughout the work, but it is about 75-80% finished. If you aren’t a Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donor but would like a copy of this and future drafts (and future drafts of other projects, see this Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund page for info on donating. Remember each $10 donated (starting today) gets you one chance in our next donor giveaway drawing which will include a number of old modules I just picked up as well as other items from my stash.

I just noticed that this is my 697th post. I need to start thinking of something special to post for number 700!

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  1. Rachel Ghoul says:

    Neat, I was thinking about this project just a couple weeks ago.