Divine Cult Rules Added to Gyphons & Gramarye

Gyphons & Gramarye playtest coverAs readers of this blog probably remember, I planned to do away with clerics in Gyphons & Gramarye and replace them with Runequest-like cults that any character of any class could join at the Lay Member, Initiate, or Acolyte level (both at character creation and during play) and receive benefits in exchange for funding the cult with a percentage of all treasure and other earnings (and said donations do not count for experience). The second playtest draft of Gyphons & Gramarye contains the first draft of the core of these new Divine Cult rules. While they are complete enough to use (and are being used in my playtest games), they do not include variations for type of deity (demi-god, minor god, major god, etc.) nor many examples.

RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors have the password that will unlock this file and may download it here: Gyphons & Gramarye Playtest Draft 2

For those who may have forgotten Gyphons & Gramarye is based on Microlite74/78/81 with different classes: a fighter who is truly superb at combat, a hunter who is a fair combatant but specialized in hunting supernatural creatures, a scout an outdoorsman who is also fair at combat, a magician who is a poor combatant but has access to healing and illusion magic, and finally the wizard who is truly awful at combat, but wields powerful magic.

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