It’s Time for a Fourth Edition of Microlite74???!!!

Microlite74 coverI received an email from a Microlite74 player this morning. He ask me when the fourth edition of Microlite74 will be out. He said that he hoped I was already working on it because the third edition of Microlite74 came out in 2011 and it will be five years old next year.

This email confused me. The author seems to be saying that Microlite74 needs a new edition just because it is four years old and will be five years old next year. That makes no sense to me. The only reason I can see to produce a new edition of Microlite74 would be to revise the rules to make it a better game. However, Microlite74 works as well today as it did in 2011 when it was released. It also accomplished all the goals I had for it: produce a stable 0e-like game for people who like the Microlite20 take on D20 mechanics and that could be easily built on with optional rules and to produce variant games. I don’t see at need for a fourth edition of Microlite74 — at least not at this time.

Am I wrong? Do you think there needs to be an new edition of Microlite74? Are the issues with Microlite74 that need to be fixed and are large enough changes to require a fourth edition of the game? If so, what are do you believe they are?

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  1. Newer must be better, eh?

    With some proper argument, maybe. I think it looks quite good as is.