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New Turn Undead System for Microlite75 — 3 Comments

  1. Remember that, by using 1d6 instead of 2d6, you're messing with the probabilities

    You could have clerics auto-turn undead with hit dice less than their level, and destroy any three under their level, assuming you're using the inflated hit dice of AD&D

    If you want something accurate to pre-bump OD&D, a cleric would need to roll a 9 or higher to turn undead equal to their level, +/- 2 for every hit die over or under. Auto-turn if you only need a 5, and destroy if any roll will succeed

  2. ProfessorOats: Your system is the one my players thought more complex than it should be (2d6 + 2 * (CL-HD). While the 1d6 method I came up with doesn't duplicate the 0e odds, it works more like 0e than the system I used in Microlite74. Perhaps I should just break down and use a table?

  3. ProfessorOats: I decided to make my new system the standard rules and your system optional rules. GMs can select the complexity/accuracy mix they wish to use.