A Microlite7x/81 Games Patreon Account?

Patreon LogoA couple of my friends have suggested (very strongly suggested in one case) that I set up a Patreon account for my ongoing Microlite7x/81/etc. game design work instead of ongoing donation drives. After looking into Patreon, I am willing to consider giving this a try.

I would release 3-5 updates to the games I’m designing each month (that’s 3-5 updates total each month, not 3-5 updates of each game I’m working on) and Patreons would be charged every release I make. Patreons can set a maximum donation limit each month, of course. (These releases would also be available to people who have donated to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund.) Public Betas and release versions would still be available to everyone for free, of course.

There would also be additional releases of material that would only go to Patreons if certain goals are reached. Special monsters, magic items, classes, etc. for my games that only Patreons would receive. These would sometimes be grouped together with a mini-adventure.

Is this an idea worth doing? If not, I am open to suggestions to make it “better” — although I am limited as to what I can provide to what I can actually produce.

My wife suggested a separate Patreon campaign to support my photo to line art work. I’d release 10-15 conversions every week with Patreon support. Assuming multiple Patreon accounts are allowed, I will probably do this one. Artwork would still be released to everyone for free, Patreons would just be supporting the work and getting first access to my newest conversions.

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1 Response

  1. Chris Nason says:

    I've never backed anything on Patreon, but I would back this.