Winter Holidays Cancer Fund Drive Drawing Delayed to January 24th

Tekumel Journal #1 CoverMy wife takes a massive dose of steroids once a month to help her energy levels — extreme fatigue is one of the many issues MS can cause. Unfortunately, she took them last Friday and experienced a steroid crash over the weekend. As house guests were the last thing she could handle, my Sunday game (and the donor giveaway items drawing to be held during my game) was cancelled. She is finally back to semi-normal this morning, which means it was not as bad for her as it is for some people.

She should finally be starting an expensive MS drug (fortunately almost all of the $5000-$6000 a month the drug costs (of course, it is not covered by insurance) will be covered by the drug company’s program for people who aren’t rich — that’s most people as few families can afford $60,000+ a year for a single drug. Of course, getting in this program has taken months. With luck this drug should make this monthly dose of steroids unnecessary. I sure hope they do as massive doses of steroids are not good for the human body.

Anyway, the drawings have been rescheduled for next Sunday’s game. My apologies to Retro-Roleplaying Cancer Fund donors who are waiting to see if they are lucky enough to win one of the groups of giveaway items from our Winter Holidays Cancer Fund Drive.

On another note, my Samsung Tablet seems to be stuck in a bootloop. I rebooted it last night when it would not come out of ultra-low power mode (which I had accidentally turned on by fat-fingering a button). Even more annoying, I had just charged it to 100% and it will now not turn off. So it is sitting at the Samsung logo until it runs out of power. I suspect some of the boot data in the cache partition is corrupt. I’ve found a reset procedure, but the damn thing needs to be powered off to try it. Worse, it needs to be charged up to 100% before doing this and pushing the three buttons I have to push at the same time to restart it in a the special mode needed to clear the cache partition looks like it will be hard to do just right. If I don’t manage, it will just start, be in the bootloop, and I’ll have to wait for the battery to run down again. With my klutziness and general poor luck and I can see it taking weeks of this cycle before I manage to hit the buttons just right. I really hope I’m wrong.

Added: I’ve just been asked if someone donates (or donates more) before Sunday will they get chances in the drawing? I suppose so.

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  1. Juhan says:

    I just had exactly the same problem with my tablet a few days ago.