Microlite74 Ultimate Edition Draft Available for Donor Download

Microlite74 Ultimate Edition Draft CoverA draft of Microlite74 Ultimate Edition is available to RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors in the RRCF download area. Like all donor downloads, it is password protected with a password given to RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors.

Microlite74 Ultimate edition combines Microlite74 Extended with option rules for Companions I and III, a treasure listing, advice for the Game Master, some new material, and a sample small hexcrawl setting with a few sample adventure areas. It is something like Microlite81 Complete except it uses the regular (short) Microlite74 monster and spell listings as these are more popular than the longer, detailed descriptions in Microlite74 games. It includes numerous optional classes and races as well as optional rules. It is in tablet digest form and is currently about 320 pages. The rules are 90+% complete. Initial work on the sample Moonfall hexcrawl setting is included in this draft.

Microlite74 Ultimate Edition is an experiment. When finished, the illustrated version will be for sale on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. A free version without illos will be released at some point in the future.

RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download this password-protected file here:

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