Epub Versions of Microlite74 Basic, Standard, and Extended Available

I’ve been asked for epub versions of my games for ages. While the tablet-digest versions with their single column and larger text sized work better on tablets than the standard full-sized “condensed type” versions Epubs are better for viewing on tablets and phones because the text flows to try to fit the width of the screen.

While I’ve tried epubs before, epubs just don’t handle tables well — many epub readers display them as a single column (all the cells in the first row — each on their own line, then all the cells in the second row — each on their own line, etc.) which makes tables an unreadable, useless mess. A couple of years ago, Andy Lannan produced an epub version of Microlite74 Extended that solved the table problem by using jpgs of the tables. This produced an epub version of the file that displayed the tables in a readable and usable form. However, it played havoc with getting the text to reflow.

The epub3 format allows tables and other more fancy design, but until recently there weren’t that many epub readers that displayed the new epub3 features (like tables) correctly. There are now. For example, Calibre displays this epub file well on Windows PCs and Gitden reader displays it fine (if a bit slowly) on android. There is an IOS version of Gitden Reader for Apple devices, but it cannot test it with my files as I don’t have any Apple devices. Note that tables in epub files still do not adapt all that well to small screen devices.

So I have made an epub version of Microlite74 Basic, Microlite74 Standard, and Microlite74 Extended available as part of the new premium editions I’ve released on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow this week. These premium editions come with a deluxe digest-sized PDF for printed or reading on monitors or largest tablets and with a epub version that will display nicely with most epub3 readers. The pictures below are of the pdf covers for these premium packages. Click on one to go to its page on RPGNow.

Microlite74 Basic Premium Cover
Microlite74 Basic ($1.99)
Microlite74 Standard Premium Cover
Microlite74 Standard ($2.99)
Microlite74 Extended Premium Cover
Microlite74 Extended ($3.99)

Free versions of the epub files will be likely released at some point in the future. RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download these premium versions (both fancy PDF and epub) from the donor download area with the usual password. Paid Patreons donating at least $10 a month will also have access to copies of these files at no charge.

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2 Responses

  1. If you use a PDF reader with "reflow" (as Adobe and my Xodo (which I use on my tablet) and other you can read way easier.

    When reflow is on it lays out the text like an ebook. You can make it big, the text wraps, and so on. While not perfect it works pretty good and will give you most of the readability of mobi/epub with out the wait and begging. I am reading through the Midgard Campaign book with this right now, a chore that would be unbearable without it.

  2. Randall says:

    I've never had much luck with "reflow" and multi-column PDFs, especially those with tables. It does seem to work okay for me on most single column PDFs.