Free Version of Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery Second Edition Available

Microlite74 Swords and Sorcery 2e coverThe “pay what you want”/free version of the revised and expanded second edition of Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery is now available on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. This version lacks art (except for the cover) and is in my standard, two column “condensed type” format.

Moving from the digest format to the condensed type format was much harder than the reverse. For example, one major problem was all the tables copied from the digest format pasted in the condensed format document without their contents (that is, I ended up with nicely formatted tables that were empty). Going from the condensed format to the digest format never had problems like that. I hope I have caught all these issues. However, if some slipped through, at least DrivethruRPG/RPGNow will notify when I upload new versions (assuming you do not turn such notifications off).

Fortunately, the Microlite74 Ultimate Edition will only have a digest format version. Future projects will be done in the standard condensed format first and then converted to digest. While doing the digest first makes writing easier, I really don’t want to see the weird formatting problems again.

You can download the no-art condensed type version of Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery 2e here. For more about Microlite74 Swords & Sorcery 2e see this post.

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