Microlite81 Complete Digest/Epub Price Permanently Reduced to $7.50

Microlite74 Complete Edition CoverI released a slightly revised and expanded (with 25 additional monsters) digest/epub version of Microlite74 Complete on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow last weekend for $9.95. That seemed to be a reasonable price for 380+ page PDF. However, after releasing it I decided to do an initial rough conversion of Microlite81 Advanced to a digest-sized document. That document turned out to be about 550 pages without any illustrations and without the 50 or so new monsters I intend to add for the digest/epub version. The final Microlite81 Advanced degist-sized document will probably be at least 600 digest-sized pages.

As I do not want to charge more than $9.95 for the Microlite81 Advanced Digest/Epub edition, I quickly decided that price I decided to ask for the 380+ page digest/epub version of Microlite81 Complete was too much and lowered it to $7.50. I have contacted those who purchased it before the price change to offer $2.45 refunds. If you purchased a copy of the digest/epub edition of Microlite81 Complete for $9.95 during the first 24 hours or so of its release and did not receive an email from me offering a refund of the $2.45 difference in price, please contact me. Note: This week is full of doctor appointments for my wife (and me as I have to do the driving), so –in the worst case– responses may be delayed until this weekend.

If you don’t have a copy yet, you can get a copy of the new digist/epub version edition of Microlite81 Complete on its page on RPGNow for its new price of only $7.50. RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors will be able to download their copy from the donor download area within a few days.

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