Happy New Year I: BX Advanced Playtest Version 0.75 Released

BX Advanced Gold Edition Playtest 0.75 CoverI know i said just before Christmas that I had released the last playtest version of BX Advanced Gold Edition. I was wrong (sounds better than “I lied”). I’ve released a new playtest 0.75 version with a new cover (which may or may not be the cover for the release version), a sample campaign setting, and some layout and formatting improvements. It is available to RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors in the usual place with the usual password now. (Link below for those who don’t remember the “usual place).

For those who have forgotten what BX Advanced is all about, it’s a clone the Basic/Expert rules using the First Edition classes, spells, monsters, and treasure. In other words, it is First Edition played the way many people who started playing with B/X (or later, BECMI) and then moved on to the “advanced” edition played the game. A couple of weeks ago, I said that 0.5 playtest version was “a fairly complete copy of what will be the ‘Gold Edition'” of the game and that while “a few more small bits may be added,” the Gold Edition was basically complete. Err, I decided a couple of days after posting the above that I really needed to add a sample campaign setting and do some text rearrangement. The 0.75 version I’m releasing today is the result. The final “release version” of the BX Advanced Gold Edition is still on target for later this month (January 2018) barring real life throwing me any unwanted curves.

If you are a RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donor, you have the password that will unlock the second BX Advanced playtest pdf and may download the (password-protected) zip file here:

If you do not have the password and would like to have access to this (and future) sets of BX Advanced playtest rules (as well as other donor files — like free copies of all the “for sale” Retroroleplaying publications), you can make a donation towards my wife’s medical fund (old oral cancer bills and more current MS-related bills). Donations to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund for $10 or more will also earn a listing as a sponsor in the BX Advanced rulebooks. A donation of $10 gets a Bronze Donor listing. ($25+ earns a Copper Donor listing, $50+ Silver, $100+ Gold, 200+ Platinum, 300+ Electrum, $500+ Adamantine) — see the sidebar for a list of donors so far. If you would like to sponsor BX Advanced with a donation, you can send a donation in any amount — small or large — to the RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund via Paypal. Note that the cut-off for being listed as a BX Advanced sponsor in the “Gold Edition” will be within 1 to 3 weeks if publication remains on schedule. Of course, the cut-off for being listed as a BX Advanced sponsor in the “Platinum Edition” is months away.

Watch for a Happy New Year II post tomorrow or the next day with some of my non-BX Advanced plans for 2018.

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