Happy New Year II: Replacing the Forum With G+ and/Or Discord?

I have decided that the Microlite20 Forum (which is also the current home of my Microlite20 variant games (Microlite74, Microlite75, Microlite78, Microlite81, etc) is a failure. In its years of existence, it has attracted over 60,000 attempted spammer registrations (according to the count the Stop Forum Spam mod keeps), but few actual members, and very few posts. I’ve decided to shut down the forums part of it. The Downloads area will remain, however.

I have decided to replace it with either a RetroRoleplaying Google Plus community or a RetroRoleplaying Discord server — or perhaps both. This would be a place to discuss all the games I’ve released or am working on. I can’t see that there is enough interest to justify a separate community for every family of games. Not to mention that I would not have time to handle that many separate communities. A Facebook Community is out because I simply do not like Facebook enough to be their regularly — and in my experience, Google+ communities are far more usable for real discussion than Facebook Groups.

There are a couple of major advantages switching to Google+ and/or Discord for the RetroRoleplaying community area. First, many people who would be interested in the community already have Google+ and/or Discord accounts and regularly visit those areas. This means that people would not have to create yet another account and remember to go to another place to check for activity. Second, moving to either would reduce the amount of maintenance I have to do (upgrading the forum software as bug fixes are released, fighting spammers, and the like).

If you have a preference, which would you prefer: a RetroRoleplaying Google+ community or a RetroRoleplaying Discord server?

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4 Responses

  1. Ben Power says:

    Not a Google+ user but Discord will allow possible per-game rooms (game as in actual sessions, as well as per topic), and you can use bots in Discord rooms (dice throws at least, then maybe can come up with more tailored ones)

  2. Brett Slocum says:

    G+ is where almost all of my game discussion takes place. I don't even know how to find a discord server.

  3. Doomsayer says:

    I would imagine more people are on Google +

  4. Randall says:

    @Doomsayer: The votes are heavily in favor of G+ — about 3 to 1. Most of the people voting for Discord seem to want to place to play and Discord is probably better for that.