Upcoming Game Design Projects: What I’m Working on Next

With the Gold Edition of BX Advanced finished, I’m moving on to other design projects:

First, I’ll be working on the Admanantine Edition of BX Advanced with all the new material. And by popular request, the first new material added will be mutations. The mutation rules will be “cause of mutations” neutral as that is something for the GM’s setting to decide. The rules will work with just about any fitional cause of random mutations from the traditional “after an atmic war” to “exposure to too much magic or chaos”. Just about any mutation cause you can dream up should work fine with the rules. The mutation rules will make heavy use of the Experience Rank system introduced as an optional system in the Gold Edition to provide some balance between characters with mutations and characters without. Rules will be included for mutating monsters.

Second, I’ll work on the tablet/digest edition of Micolite81 Advanced to complement the currently available tablet/digest version of Microlite81 Complete.

Third, I’ll be working on getting a printed version of the BX Advanced Gold Edition. There is a lot of interest in this. I’d like to make it available vis RPGNow/DriveThru but may end up goin with Lulu if turning out the Indesign version needed for RPGNow’s print process proved beyond me. I was able to turn out great magazines with Ventura Publisher in the 1990s, but have never been able to do much with DTP programs that use Pagamaker’s paste-up paradigm — which Indesign unfortunately uses.

Last, but far from least, I will be working on a version of The Black Hack aimed at the nasty sword-and-sorcery setting (blood magic and Lovecraft style unfriendly deities) one of my friends from Texas has asked me to design.

I’ll be working on this project “at the same time”. That is, I switch from one to another as my current muse takes me. I have no idea which project will finish first, however, I do want the Admanantine Edition of BX Advanced out this year, preferably by the end of summer or early fall, so it will be my “default project.”

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