Dungeon Delving Undying Light Now Available (Paid Version with Art)

The first game in RetroRoleplaying.com’s new series of Swords & Wizardry-based games, Dungeon Delving Undying Light, is now available in a 96 page digest-sized pdf for only $3.99 (an epub version is also included, although it has minor issues with fonts and illos). A Pay-What-You-Want/Free two-column letter size version (without art) will be out in 5 to 10 days. All the rules fit in about 24 pages in the letter-sized version, so in spite of the page count of the digest-sized edition, it really isn’t that much larger than SWCL. As usual for my games, the rules are open game content.

Dungeon Delving Undying Light is a trimmed down and simplified version of Swords & Wizardry. This game takes the Continual Light edition and cleans up the rules and the formatting, then adds attribute rolls, backgrounds, more monsters, rules for morale and reaction rolls, additional minor optional rules, four optional systems (True Magic Rituals, Action Points, Body Points, Advanced Combat), and some basic explanations for the referee on how to handle dungeon and wilderness exploration. It is designed to be easy to play and easy to teach to those new to tabletop roleplaying games while retaining all the fun of exploring strange new lands and crawling through dark and dangerous dungeons. Referees can easily create their own adventures and campaign settings or use adventures and setting designed for Swords & Wizardry or other early editions and variants of the world’s most popular tabletop fantasy roleplaying game.

You’ll find Dungeon Delving Undying Light on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG (where a 20-page preview is available):

Dungeon Delving Undying Light ($3.99) on RPGNow

Dungeon Delving Undying Light ($3.99) on DriveThruRPG

RetroRoleplaying Cancer Fund donors can download a password protected zip file with a copy at the usual “donor download” place with the usual donor password.

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