Splitting This Blog in Twain: New Gates & Glamours Blog

Split in twain illo

I noticed that most of my posts on this blog the past few years have been announcing new games I’m working on, games I’ve completed, games on sale over at DriveThruRPG, etc. In the early years, the majority of my posts were about old school gaming. These interesting posts are getting buried under tons of announcements so I decided to split the blog in two. This blog will be for announcements about my games.

I’ve started a new blog at OSR.SPACE called Gates & Glamours will host my posts about old school gaming. The general old school gaming posts from this blog have already been copied to the new Gates & Glamours blog and will soon be removed from this blog. The posts moved have been given a spring cleaning for their new home (e.g. donation request footers for completed long ago cancer fund drives have been removed, etc.). The RSS feed for my new blog can be found here: Gates & Glamours RSS Feed.

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